About Us

       PuntoCorporation Private Limited, has introduced safeon  device that saves us from all electric perils. SAFEON DEVICE Punto SAFEON DEVICE controls and eliminates the electric shock to be transmitted to the user. This is a device that absorbs the electric current.

  Safeon saves us from electric shock and short circuit. The protection of persons against electric shock in various installations must be provided in conformity with appropriate national standards and statutory regulations. 

  The primary function of SAFEON power purifier  is to prevent or dramatically reduce the number of fatalities arising from electric shock resultant current through the body may result in injury or death. Based on international studies 95% of  adults are considered to have a body impedance in the range of 1000 to 2000 ohms.

    In the event of a 230 volt supply combined with 1000 ohms body resistance, a current of up to 230 milliamps may flow through the body. This presents a serious and potentially fatal shock risk. Just like we need water purifier for clean water, we also need safeon power purifier for safe electricity.

     We need stabilizers for our electric appliances, so that it can protect our devices but if u have installed safeon device than there is no need for other stabilizers as safeon saves us from all electric perils. 

     Electricity is an unseen killer- it can cause human loss, property loss and even complete or partial disability. Safeon is a revolution in electrical world, it gives us 360 protection from all electric incidents and accidents.

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