Installation is very simple, it is placed between the Electric Meter and Distribution Panel. An installation charges are extra and varies depending on location and premise’s electric fitting conditions.

Caution: Only Company’s authorized technicians are allowed to give the experience sharing & installations of this device. Untrained person shall not try to demonstrate or install this product. In such case, company will not be responsible for any kind of accidental damages.

short circuit protection

For Live experiencing the product:


The simple and easy to go installation process will just take 15-20 working days.
Installing our safeon power purifier is indeed easy because of the following steps-

Follow the steps given below:

1) You need to contact us.
2) Once we got your enquiry, we will set a demonstration exclusively for you so that you are able to understand our product evidently.
3) After the respective demonstration, with your permission our energy audit team will conduct an energy audit at your premises. This audit will help us in understanding about your electricity voltage consumption and with that information we will be able to customize our product according to your energy consumption.
4) Once we have conducted the energy audit, our technician will assign a total calculated load.
5) With the help of the total calculated load, we will install your customized product within 15-20 working days.

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