Know Your Product

Electricity is everywhere! It powers our kitchen appliances, entertainment systems, computers, water heaters, hairdryers, and countless other necessities in our homes. However, when improperly managed, electricity can be dangerous. It can cause fires and electrocute workers and homeowners, all of which can ultimately lead to serious injury or even death. Thankfully, there is safeon power purifier that protect users from these hazardous outcomes.

 Benefits of Safeon device

  1. Shock free life
  2. Safe electric repair
  3. Overload security
  4. Shock circuit protection
  5. Voltage stabilizer
  6. Surge and spike absorber

 SafeOn” Power Purifier is an innovative and Patented device with many safety accreditations is targeted to “Eliminate all Electric Perils” and provide safer electricity to you, your family, property, society and all electrical assets at home. 

The circuit of the device is engineered in such a way that it controls and eliminates the electric shock to be transmitted to the user. This is a device that absorbs the electric current. If you have doubts or still don’t believe the fact that you can live without the fear of electrocution forever, experience the super-powerful product yourself today! Further, this is purely based on Scientific Theories.  

SafeOn” Power Purifier Device is available in both single phase and three phase variant. It is a lifelong product that will guard your family and your assets against electrocution. Property  almost worth more than 17 thousand crore was damaged due to short circuit fire in one year.

While the magnitude of the voltage is important to determine the strength of the shock, ultimately it is the current which delivers the shock. A shock from 60 volt supply is enough to kill a human being SafeOn completely saves us from electric shock and short circuit.



Why SafeOn is required?

  • Old wiring

  • Substandard wiring/ Improper joints in wire

  • Accidentally touching the live wire

  • Mouse or insect bite in wiring

  • Overload on wires

  • Faulty equipments or devices

  • Inquisitive kids

  • Faulty concealed wiring

  • Touching live wire with wet hands

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