What is SAFEON ?

Safeon Power Purifier became the very first brand to bring the top-of-the-class- Power Purification System to India. Safeon Pioneering in the world of state of the art power purification and etched its name as the brand that revolutionized the face of power purification in India. 

What Makes SAFEON : The Absolute Choice

Backed by a rewarding journey of empowering your tomorrow for over four decades, it’s time to welcome ‘Power Purifiers’ to the Safeon family. Exclusively made for India’s tough electricity conditions, Safeon Power Purifiers come in 5KW to 50KW and customized as per requirement. Supported with first-of-its-kind service, unmatched purification standards, and a widespread network of dedicated and trained technicians to give you an unparalleled experience.

electric shock proof


overload protection
It makes the supply of electric current ‘SHOCK FREE’ i.e, if you install this device after main power supply, current after this device will be “100% SHOCK FREE”.


surge and spike absorber
"In seconds Controller unit sense and restrict the power flow. Save loss from overheating of wires and possible short circuit."


inverter/genset/ups compatible
"In seconds Controller Unit sense and restrict the power flow. Highly sensitive Switching Logic is used."


inverter/genset/ups compatible
"Every electrical appliance has a tolerance level to handle voltage. If it breaches tolerance level for more than 3 nanoseconds, it is surge and if less than 3 nanoseconds then spike.Very delicate devices like music systems, Computers, microwave oven etc are hyper sensitive to electric surge and spike. This device absorbs such sudden increase in voltage."


safeon power purifier
Safeon Power Purifier provides stabilized voltage dispite of high / low voltage from source supply. It safeguards domestic appliances from voltage fluctuation.


short circuit protection
Safeon Power Purifier is compatible from invertor / Genset / UPS 

Why choose SAFEON power purifier ?

Founded in 2012, Safeon has been recognized by Punto Corporation for 9001:2015 standards that improve the quality of electricity supply by making it completely shock-free, thus making it a preferred choice for procuring Safeon power purifiers.

Safeon is a thriving establishment that specializes in manufacturing a genus of elements used for electricity purification, such as electric purifiers that absorb the electric current, protect people against electric shock, save us from electric shock and short circuits, and all the other electric filter-related spare parts and accessories. 

Safeon is a revolution in the electrical world; it gives us 360° protection from all electric incidents and accidents. We also manufacture Safeon systems packaged for applications like the 5KW/10KW/15KW/20KW/25KW/30KW/ 40KW/50KW and customized as per customer’s requirements. This product is manufactured using premium-grade raw materials sourced from trusted suppliers in the market. Over the years of hands-on experience, we have helped to achieve a benchmark in providing quality-rich, innovative, and purified electricity solutions. We strive to manufacture the best range of electric power purification systems with matchless quality and effective services.

safeon power purifier
inverter/genset/ups compatible
surge and spike absorber
Accuracy 94%
Team work 92%
Security 95%


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